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The Wow Factor

Well, it’s been two years (more or less) of World of Warcraft. Happy Birthday.

To this day, perhaps what I find most amazing about WoW is not found in the game itself, but in its surroundings. To this date, I haven’t seen anyone that could sit down, think about and say “Okay, this one thing is what made WoW successful”. Not one.

Sure there’s been talk. Tons of it. Many issues brought up, many opinions crossed and much ink put to paper, virtual or not. But the result is the same. Beyond our individual appreciations of the object itself, we gamers still haven’t managed as a group to reach some sort of nebulous consensus and point to one thing unequivocally. We seem to be at a loss when it comes to WoW; two years in, and we still don’t know what makes it tick.
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