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Just a quick update to let everyone know that part two will be coming at some point in the future. When? It can’t be predicted. You see, people think of time in a linear fashion, from cause to effect, when in reality time – and specially the time the relates to my writing – is more like a ball… made of timey-wimey stuff. So it will come at some point.

In other news, I will be contributing, collaborating and generally drinking all the rum over at KTR with that gang of scallywags. Just started, so go check it now before I start writing more for them and things inevitably go to hell from that point on.


New Style

Because I got tired of the old one. Hopefully this is more readable.

Player one up

Well, welcome aboard. In here you’ll find random musings about games and gaming in general. Normally, things I’m too ashamed or too modest to put up in my personal, yummy superdelicious personal blog.

Why about games? Because I like. And since I like, I want to see it better. How to make it better? Talking about it. Examining what we have and coming up with new ideas, new knowledge and new destinations. And to rant about it, of course. You really can’t have a proper gaming site without some whine to go with the cheese every now and then. Us gamers are whiny creatures almost by definition, and it can be healthy to let it out sometimes. For catharsis if nothing else.

Feel free to comment on anything that might appear here. Who knows… maybe something good comes out in the end.