My own little hall of shame

Well, maybe not so much a ‘Hall of Shame’ proper, but it’s definitely a list of blanks in my gaming history. ‘Hall of Shame’ is just more catchy.

I’m not a thorough gamer, and I can admit that without problems. I haven’t played every game ever made by humans, and I’m fine with that. There are some games that I just naturally avoided without even touching them as if they were an antimatter enema. See, I don’t need to know which doctors can perform the procedure, or if my insurance would cover it. I just avoid it. I know there’s nothing there for me, other than the elemental forces that make up the very universe, clashing and releasing a vile torrent of subatomic pain – a burning cosmic feast in my exhaust.

Some others I just never got around to play because I was playing something else/better at the time. So even if I could have gotten around to do it, I probably wouldn’t have cared much.

But, the problem is that everyone else seems to have played them, and I’m reduced to being some sort of a pariah when the subject comes up. It’s not that I feel bad because people dismiss my expertise in them – I know I don’t have any experience with these games. It’s different. With some of these titles, the mere mention of having never played them kicks me a couple of steps down the unspoken gaming hierarchy. It usually starts with “Eeewww… you really never…? Eeewww!“. It ain’t pretty.

Some of them, top of my head:

If the nice little graphic accompanying the post wasn’t any indication, first and foremost any of the Final Fantasy games. I just never played them. Sure, having never owned a console definitely assists in that feat, but what people put to me is that I could have gotten one and played them. I won’t pass judgment on that statement, because in the lands of vast disposable income it may very well be valid. But the underlying motive is that the games never appealed to me. Not that I hate JRPGs or anything. My interest just fell far from the FF games very early on, I think for one reason mostly: When I found out that all the five million different FF games were not part of an overarching story, dispensed in chapters like that, but were (more or less) separate entities just sharing a name. I thought that was milking of the lowest caliber, and it turned me off immediately. Maybe rightly so, maybe not, but it did. In any case, there it is. Let the pariah say it again: I never played any Final Fantasy game, and probably never will.

Moving on, another kind of games that everyone seems to have played but I didn’t is the whole SWAT/Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon/Splinter Cell type of thing. I suppose at some point I might have gotten some very light contact with an early SWAT at a friend’s house or something, and found it so unappealing that it turned me off from the rest pretty much by default. And I’m sure they’re good games. I kept and keep hearing mostly good things about the Splinter Cells, but I just can’t force myself to commit to it. It’s not that dislike ‘Tactical Shooters’, ‘Stealthy Games’ or whatever the microgenre is called. Hell, I love ‘Thief’. These games just never called me sweetly, so I never replied.

I played Baldur’s Gate (not a lot), but I could never, ever get into Icewind Dale. Shock. Horror. I know. I think I played 15 minutes of it, then duly abandoned it. Everyone else swears by it. I just shrug.

Quake 3. Now I’ll say this from the beginning, so it’s clear: I’ve always been more of an Unreal/UT type of guy. Fine. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like Quake games by default. Not at all. I played Quake and Quake 2 pretty intensely back in the day. I liked them. I just could never get into this one. It felt hollow and exceedingly functional at the expense of form from the get go. A tech demo, more than a game. So I promptly shelved it.

Battlefield (x), and insert there whatever suffix. I thought they were horrible games. Clunky, inconvenient and just plain un-fun to me. Yet for a while it seemed everyone and their aunts were playing those. Like a hermit, I purposely kept myself out of that loop. Then I got flogged for it. But I resist, even today.

Well, there are more but I don’t wanna be here all day. What are yours? What games you never played, but everyone else apparently did?


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