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It’s not who you are…

…it’s what you do.

The latest controversy/gaffe/MMO boo-boo still rages on and is rippling out as I type this. By now, many in the “gaming press” (hwah!) got ahold of it, many are even running with it. “Jumpgate” they call it. Are we the best thing since bread came sliced or what?

(you can read up all about the festivities in this article from The Escapist. It’s a good summary, if you need to catch up. Ethic also has a nice discussion going over in that place where they kill rats.)

All the resulting online drama and forum wars from this event, colorful as they are, thankfully brought to the forefront an interesting point and question. One that, in my opinion, needs to be answered and codified into an industry standard M.O. as soon as possible. The question is quite simple:

Should devs be allowed to play the online games they create?

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Afraid of heroes

That’s what we seem to be when it comes to multiplayer. Particularly MMOs.

Remember WoW two, three years ago? All the hoopla about the Hero classes? “Oh, they’re coming”, they said, “we’re just working on them. Tweaking the details. You’ll see”. Well, here we are, years later, and we still have not seen a thing. Chances are we’ll never see a thing. I quite doubt we’ll ever see Hero classes implemented in WoW, and I doubt a little less that we’ll see something like that in other, future games.
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