Back in an inadequate shade of Black

My apologies for having left this space unattended for so long. You see, I had no internet. None of it. No connection to the world. For almost 2 months. How did that happen? A real life move to a place forsaken by the gods and angels of connectivity.

Oh, we called them. We did call them, sweetly. We wanted to give them our money in return for their precious tubes –the ones that make up the internet, arranged in a series–, alas it was not to be. Cable? They laughed. DSL? Not in your area, sorry. Should be there in “6 months”. Wi-Fi? No, that thing has something called ‘coverage’ and you guys are out of it. Next! Satellite? Sure, they said. Just give us 50 bajillion dollars and we’ll hook you up with our low-bandwidth, high-latency dishy-dishy goodness. No thanks.

So, in desperation, here we are. Dial up. A fate truly worse than death itself.

In the meantime, I missed a few things going on in the world. I missed Burning Crusade launching and going live, which I regret. Not so much for the game itself, I’m sure it’s quite yummy, but the forum fallout of maligned connections, Olympean queue sizes, server splits, unfathomable patch download locations, new bugs, old bugs and general software misbehavin’ would have been something to behold. A storm of detritus for the ages, no doubt. I’m slowly catching up.

In any case, I’m somewhat back. While I was offline, I had to entertain myself with whatever I had left installed, dormant in the hard drive, so I played a nice, eclectic mix for a couple of months.

UT2004 – Can’t go wrong here. Bots can be relentless at the right setting, and Assault is a game mode I love dearly. Kept me well-entertained, even if I’m not much of a twitch gamer. I can appreciate it when it’s done right. UT2004 is still a nice little jewel.
Oblivion – Yup. Been having some fun there too. I’m not gonna discover anything new with this one anyway. It does feel a little aimless, but I guess that’s the whole point in’nit? Had fun rolling a warrior type, a rogue archer type, a magic user and an intriguing magey type in heavy armor. Played them all on and off. Good entertainment, with visuals that makes you coo at the screen sometimes.
Defcon – I thank Crom for having downloaded this one before my internet went to the crapper. I have no idea how I would have survived this time without it. I think I love Introversion with all my gamer heart. I adored Uplink, missed out on Darwinia (yet I hear it’s quite, quite good as well), and Defcon is a peach. Played it at least once, religiously, every day. At least.
Championship Manager 03/04 – I think I wore this one out, so much I hit it. Had a few campaigns going. It’s dated, it shows, but good entertainment if you’re into the sport/genre. I only wish I had a newer edition installed… 03/04 is a bit iffy, but kept me going nonetheless.
NFS: Most Wanted – Played it a little. Couldn’t really get into it as I did when I got it new. No fault of the game, though. It’s nice, albeit irksome in its console ways.
Homeworld 2 – Got it out of the Drawer of Forgotten Games. Dusted it off. Hit it a bit. Again, couldn’t get into it. Battles and visuals are still nice though.

At any rate, I’m back. Slowly sucking the marrow of the Internet again, this time via a very, very small straw. I’ll do what I can. I’ll post what I can. Work with me, people. Feel a gamer’s pain, and a brother’s despair a little. It’s fraggin’ dialup, for crying out loud.

Although, on the upside, now that I think about it… I missed having to experience Burning Crusade’s launch, it’s gargantuan queue lines, it’s technical issues…. Imagine, if you will, just imagine for a bit… the Auction House area in Ironforge. On Burning Crusade launch day…. on dialup. Welcome to gamer hell. You’ve been bad, little man. Bad, bad.


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